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At McCormick Divorce & Family Law we are divorce lawyers. We only practice in the family law arena. Because of this we have tremendous expertise and you can be sure that our total focus is on you and your case.

A contested divorce can be a very long and expensive process.   The stress and anxiety is often very high. Steps to even obtain a trial date are very burdensome and you are required to have completed trial discovery and attend several pre-trial hearings. The Judge will rule on all disputed issues at the conclusion of the trial.

We are very experienced and successful in the courtroom, however we work diligently in all phases of each divorce case to reach a fair and just agreement beforehand. You will save time, money, and a lot of stress if your case settles before trial. In all cases where the opposing party is also represented by an attorney we will work diligently to schedule a settlement conference.

A settlement conference meeting is attended by both attorneys and spouses.  The meeting generally lasts 2-4 hours, and a second meeting is scheduled in some cases due to the number of disputed issues.  The focus of the conference is to resolve all outstanding issues.  These can be financial issues, property division, and issues involving the children.

Prior to the divorce/custody settlement conference we will meet with you several times.  We pride ourselves in being extraordinary prepared and focused on obtaining the right divorce solutions before each conference.   We will discuss different plans and strategies before the conference and listen to your needs and ideas.

Generally, within the framework of the settlement conference there are a couple of joint sessions where everyone meets, and then breakout meetings just with your attorney are held.   Helpful information is exchanged and everyone provides valuable input on resolving the issues. For all issues that are settled a handwritten agreement is drafted and signed by all parties.  This signed agreement if legal and binding and if there are no more outstanding issues, then the divorce will process on the uncontested divorce track.

At McCormick Divorce & Family Law, as one of the leading divorce lawyers in the Hampton Roads area, we are proud of our track record over the past 20 years. It is very strong in obtaining full divorce agreements, well over 80%. Our firm serves all of Hampton Roads with offices in Virginia Beach and Newport News VA. Please contact us for a free consultation today.

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