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Like most divorce attorneys, I have seen all kind of relationships in my practice. In the twenty years that I have been meeting with couples I have seen what many might say are hopeless relationships in all stages of deterioration benefit from mediation in their cases.

Many times a third party can diffuse a situation and allow each party the opportunity to be heard, listened to and understood. At McCormick Divorce & Family Law, we feel that many times this is the first time in a long time in this couple’s relationship that real and meaningful dialog has taken place. The results vary from couple to couple and while amazing results do happen, it most always leads to a smoother path forward.

In the event you and your spouse are seeking advice together on working out all the divorce issues then I recommend mediation.  The goal is to obtain a fair and just settlement agreement. A mediator is a neutral party who will facilitate the process over one to three meetings to arrive to a fair and just settlement which is memorialized in writing.  The settlement agreement is legal and bind and the effect of it is to place your divorce on a non-contested track.

As a divorce mediator I represent both spouses.  Very few divorce law firms offer mediation services. Whereas   a mediator doesn’t have to be an attorney, an attorney-mediator can bring their wealth of experience of hundreds, or in our case, thousands  of cases.  The process is similar to the settlement conference solution which you can review.   The entire focus of the meetings is to arrive at a jointly agreed solution on all matters.

Before a mediation meeting is scheduled I request the following from each party.
1).  A completed information packet that provides valuable background information.
2).  A list of agreed and disagreed issues.
3).  A list of questions and special concerns.
4).  A signed retainer agreement which includes the rules of the mediation sessions.

When a full or partial agreement is reached, then a settlement agreement if completed and signed.  This agreement is legal and binding.   If a full agreement is reached at any the three meetings, then the divorce will be placed on the uncontested track.  If there is a major impasse then each party can hire separate attorneys.

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