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Child Visitation

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In all the cases that we see as a family law attorney, one of the most contentious sticking points is visitation. It is a very emotional issue with strong opinions on both side. The fact is, there are way too many divorced parents that argue and fight over issues involving their children, mostly visitation problems.   Visitation issues can be resolved with a strong comprehensive plan that encompasses all contingencies. Typically, a visitation plan is in effect until the children graduate from high school, so it can be legally and binding for over a decade, depending on the ages of the children.  A tremendous amount of care and attention is given to the custody and visitation plan.

Here are some of the main issues that we as a family law attorney address in each plan.

1.)     Time allocation for the children during the school year, holiday and special days, and summer vacation.  Each category is addressed and spelled out.
2.)    Transportation responsibilities as well as drop off and pick-up times.
3.)    Phone call frequency and the scheduled time of the calls.
4.)    Doctor and dentist visits and responsibility.
5.)    Unique situations where the parents reside in different cities and states.  

You might be thinking that you and the other parent will work everything out.  Too often that is wishful thinking.   What happens more often than not is that overtime there become more disagreements and the cooperative effort even can break down when new relationships are entered into.

We begin our analysis by gathering critical information such as the ages of the children, preferences of the children, current visitation practices, and your recommendations concerning the plan.  With the legal expertise gained by completing thousands of cases, we can offer good solutions in even the most complex of cases.   We will have a thorough review with you once we have the custody/visitation proposal completed.  We then will make the final modifications before presenting to the other parent or their attorney.

The Court will resolve all custody and visitation disputed issues at the onset of a separation if necessary or later at the divorce stage.  Often the Court utilizes the services of a GAL, or Guardian Ad Litem, who will represent the children.  Their independent recommendation is highly regarded by the Judge.  In addition to the GAL recommendation, the Judge will evaluate the testimony and evidence presented in the case and determine what is in the best interests of the children.

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