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In most divorce cases there are between 15-25 issues that will need to be sorted out.   Major issues include custody, visitation child support, spousal support, debt allocation, and equitable distribution of marital assets.  Marital assets include homes, personal property, financial accounts and retirement accounts.

As a qualified divorce attorney we will give you advice on each of the numerous divorce issues.  Along with educating you about the divorce process including your rights and responsibilities, we will also provide you with child support and spousal support guidelines, and equitable distribution worksheets.   These forms are valuable resources that even the Courts relay on.

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We become well informed of your case, your concerns and goals after a comprehensive review.  The review process involves informational gathering followed by several meetings where we review your entire case.  We also lay out a strategic plan for your case.  The entire process takes less than three weeks.

The review meeting does not end until each of your concerns is addressed.  You will also have a greater understanding of the decision making process of the Court and also the rights and responsibilities of your spouse.

Clients that proceed on their own cases can greatly benefit from the full case review.  Receiving sound and strategic advice even before beginning a separation can be very beneficial and help you in all the decisions that you will face.   

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