Spouses looking to divorce who may not need lengthy court battles to iron out the details of their divorce settlement should consider a collaborative divorce whereby some third party such as a professional mediator can come alongside the couple to resolve differing points of view on aspects of their divorce such as division of assets, custody, or support.

To pursue a collaborative divorce, spouses will each hire attorneys specially trained in collaborative divorce to advise them during a settlement negotiation. Spouses will meet individually with their attorney, and as a foursome. Other specialists such as child custody experts or third-party accountants can also be brought in all in order to reach a settlement without divorce court.

Collaborative divorce is meant to have you in court as little as possible. Actual court procedures are quick once a settlement is reached through collaboration.

Collaboration can help the divorce process by allowing you and your spouse to:

  • Exchange all necessary information voluntarily
  • Decide on how to handle post-divorce decisions
  • Stabilize the separation with a temporary agreement
  • Agree on legal procedures that minimize expenses and quicken the process
  • Ultimately negotiate a settlement that works for the two of you

You can save time and money by utilizing a collaborative process at any time during your divorce. Such a process can help maintain discretion and privacy during your divorce.

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