A divorce situation is never perfect, but what if it was?
It would surely include an experienced attorney that only deals with Family Law.
One that was rated in the top 2% of his field – would be fantastic.
And of course they would need an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.They would need to be easy to work with and offer FREE case reviews, so we might benefit from their experience, advise and guidance tailored to our situation.
On the money side of things they would need to shine as well.
Not only would they need to offer 10% discounts for military and senior citizens, but they should feature no hourly billing too, which means there is no billing surprises.
And to top it all off, they should even have convenient monthly payment plans to make a tough situation even easier to deal with.
This description may not be perfect, but you’ll have to admit it’s as close as you’re going to get. It also perfectly describes McCormick Divorce and Family Law. See for yourself. Call David McCormick at 757-663-4630 today or visit us at